Shelf life labels


  • Food Safety & Hygiene Label
  • Manufactured under the BRC/IOP quality standard.
  • Rolls of 500 Labels
  • Individually shrink-wrapped
  • Shelf Life Day Dot, Food Rotation Label, Removable Adhesive, 51 x 102 mm.
  • These labels would be used in food and catering industries to clearly indicate the functional date for use. With extra space for additional information.
  • Can be used in conjunction with our day dot labels.

Shelf Life Labels: Keeping Products Fresh and Organized

Available in a crisp white design with black text, provide ample space for essential details, particularly use-by dates. These labels are more than just stickers – they actively assist in actively tracking the freshness of your products.

Effortless Application and Removal

Measuring 51mm x 102mm, our Shelf Life Labels are perfectly sized for easy application to any item. Thanks to their removable adhesive, you can confidently apply and remove these labels without any sticky residue left behind. Whether it’s reusable containers like Tupperware or jars, these labels offer a seamless labeling solution.

Promoting Food Safety and Reducing Waste

Our Shelf Life Labels play a vital role in promoting food safety and minimizing unnecessary waste. By diligently monitoring expiration dates with these labels, you can ensure that your products are used before their freshness diminishes. For extra information and enhanced safety, our Day Dot Labels are also available, making organization and management of your products a breeze.

Essential for Efficient Inventory Management

No matter if you run a bustling restaurant, a busy grocery store, or a dedicated food service provider, our comprehensive range of labels is an indispensable tool for actively managing your inventory. Designed to thrive in all types of environments, these labels provide a simple yet highly effective way to keep your products fresh, organized, and safe.

Embrace Convenience and Reliability

Experience the convenience and reliability that our Shelf Life Labels bring to your operations. Streamline your inventory management processes and ensure customer satisfaction. By taking an active step towards efficient inventory management, you can maximize the potential of these labels in your business today.

Upgrade your inventory management game and make the most of our Shelf Life Labels. With their user-friendly design and functionality, you can actively enhance your operations and keep your products fresh, organized, and ready for your valued customers. Don’t miss out on this opportunity – order your Shelf Life Labels today!