Paper Straws | Biodegradable | Recyclable



  • 100% UK Manufactured
  • Made from FSC-certified material, Food Grade glues, and inks
  • Good value for a quality product
  • Ideal for all types of drinks
  • Designed to stay sturdy and strong
  • BRC Accredited
  • Suitable for hot and cold drinks. 
  • 2 Sizes available – 6mm x 200mm & 8mm x 200mm
  • These are 100% environmentally friendly, Biodegradable, and recyclable. All our paper is sourced from accredited and certified suppliers, meaning we can trace a chain of custody from tree to final product, reducing deforestation and global warming.

Introducing Eco-Friendly Paper Straws UK

Sustainable and Versatile Straws for Hot and Cold Drinks

If you’re on the hunt for eco-friendly straws that work wonders for both hot and cold drinks, look no further than our Paper Straws UK.

Vibrant Colors to Match Your Business or Event

With a delightful array of 11 vibrant colours to choose from, you’ll easily discover the perfect match for your business or event.

Environmentally Friendly Production in the UK

Our straws are proudly made right here in the UK using approved inks, ensuring they are 100% environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and recyclable. We prioritize sustainability by sourcing our products from accredited and certified suppliers and actively combating deforestation and global warming. You can trust the eco-conscious nature of our materials.

Choose the Right Quantity for Your Needs

We offer a variety of quantities to cater to your specific needs. By opting for our Paper Drinking Straws UK, you’ll be making a positive impact on the environment. Embrace the eco-friendly trend today and let our straws be a symbol of your commitment to a greener future.

Say Goodbye to Single-Use Plastic Straws

Say goodbye to single-use plastic straws and join the movement toward a more sustainable and environmentally responsible choice. Our Paper Straws UK are not only functional and stylish, but they also contribute to reducing plastic waste.

Make the Switch and Sip with Peace of Mind

So, why wait? Make the switch to our eco-friendly straws today and sip your drinks with peace of mind. Be part of the solution and make a small change that brings about a big difference. Choose Paper Straws UK for a greener tomorrow.

Additional information

Quantity of Straws

250, 5k (20 Packs of 250), 75, 4.5k (60 Packs of 75), 24, 3984k (166 Packs of 24)


White, Black, Red Stripe, Black Stripe, Mixed Colours, Green Stripe, Blue Stripe, Yellow Stripe, Purple Stripe, Pink Stripe, Orange Stripe