Allergen Labels


  • Food Safety & Hygiene Label
  • White Label purple text, Removable adhesive
  • Manufactured under the BRC quality standard.
  • Individually shrink-wrapped

Food Allergen, Safety Label, Removable Adhesive, 51 x 102 mm, 1 roll of 500

These labels are used in food and catering industries to clearly indicate allergens, with extra space for additional information.


Ensure Food Safety with Allergen Labels for Food Service Businesses

Clear and Simple Information

At PH Labels, we specialize in creating Allergen Labels for Food Safety & Hygiene. These essential tools are crucial for any food service business as they provide clear and simple information about potential allergens. By using our labels, you can ensure a safe and healthy environment for your customers.

Design and Specifications

Design: Our Allergen Labels are crafted from white paper with purple text, measuring 51 x 102 mm. They offer ample space to note all allergens and any additional necessary details.

Specifications: We meticulously design our labels to meet your specific labeling needs, ensuring precision and effectiveness.

High Quality and Safety Standards

To guarantee the highest quality and safety, we strictly adhere to the BRC quality standard. This rigorous standard ensures that our labels meet industry requirements and comply with food safety regulations. Furthermore, each label undergoes individual shrink-wrapping, an additional measure that ensures our labels arrive in perfect shape and ready for immediate use. With our labels, you can trust in their precision, reliability, and adherence to safety standards.

Convenient Rolls for Easy Management

Our Allergen Labels are conveniently packaged in rolls of 500, providing you with effortless inventory management and labeling processes. With a plentiful supply of labels on hand, you can streamline your operations without any interruptions or delays. Our user-friendly roll format simplifies your work, allowing for smooth and efficient labeling.

Easy-to-Remove Adhesive

One outstanding feature of our labels is their easy-to-remove adhesive. You can effortlessly peel off the labels without leaving any residue behind. This convenient feature makes our labels perfect for reusable containers like Tupperware or jars. Whether you need to update or remove labels, the process is hassle-free, ensuring clear communication of potential allergens to your customers.

Place your order now to prioritize food safety and enhance your customers’ experience. Count on PH Labels for reliable and effective Allergen Labels tailored to meet the unique needs of your food service business.