Day Labels



  • Food Safety & Hygiene Label
  • Manufactured under the BRC/IOP quality standard
  • Rolls of 500 & 1000 Labels
  • Individually shrink-wrapped
  • Colour-coded for each day of the week
  • Full week Clam Pack, please click on full week, 25mm 7000, 7 Rolls.
  • 25mm Dia Label – Permanent Adhesive
  • 51mm Square – Peelable Adhesive

These labels are used in the food and catering industries, to clearly indicate the available date for use.

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Day Labels: Efficient Food Rotation for Freshness and Waste Reduction

IntroductionDiscover the ultimate solution for keeping your prepared foods and ingredients fresh while minimizing waste. By conveniently labeling them with the days of the week, you can actively prevent the use of expired food and ensure the highest standards of quality.

Flexible Adhesive Options and Ample Space for Details

Our Day Labels offer two adhesive options: Permanent and Peelable. This versatility makes them suitable for both disposable and reusable containers, catering to your specific needs. With ample space provided, you can easily write important details such as item specifics and use-by dates, ensuring clear and efficient food rotation.

Choose Your Preferred Set

To cater to various requirements, we offer different options. You can opt for single rolls for each day of the week or sets of six rolls for the same day. This flexibility proves particularly useful when labeling multiple items with the same information. Additionally, for your convenience, the full week’s set of labels comes packaged in an easy-to-use clam pack dispenser, perfectly designed for busy kitchens and food service environments.

Promote Food Safety and Minimize Waste

With our Day Labels, you actively promote food safety and minimize unnecessary waste. Feel confident in the freshness of your ingredients, knowing that you have clear and adequate instructions at your fingertips. By actively managing your inventory, you can uphold the highest standards and ensure the utmost quality.

Streamline Your Food Rotation System

Don’t wait any longer to streamline your food rotation system. Place your order for Day Labels today and experience the convenience and benefits they bring to your kitchen. Keep your prepared foods fresh, minimize waste, and enjoy the efficiency of organized labeling. Embrace the power of Day Labels and unlock the potential for a well-managed and high-performing kitchen.

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Additional information

Day Of The Week

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Full Week

Size of Label

25mm Day Dot Permanent Adhesive 1000 Labels, 51mm Square Peelable Adhesive 500 Labels, 25mm 7000 Labels

Quantity of Rolls

1, 6, 7