Shelf Life Labels, Allergen for Food Safety & Hygiene, are a vital tool for ensuring a safe and healthy environment for your customers. Featuring white papers with purple text, these labels provide clear and concise information about potential allergens.

Manufactured under the BRC quality standard, Allergen Labels are of the highest quality and safety. They are individually shrink-wrapped to ensure they arrive in pristine condition.

Measuring 51 x 102 mm, these labels offer ample space to note all allergens and additional information that may be necessary. They come in rolls of 500, which makes it easy to keep your inventory organized and labeled.

Thanks to their removable adhesives, removing them without any leftover residue is effortless. With these Allergen Labels, you can maintain a safe and hygienic food service environment with ease.

Shelf Life Labels, black text on white background, for use in food safety and food rotation


  • Allergen Labels

    • Food Safety & Hygiene Label
    • White Label purple text, Removable adhesive
    • Manufactured under the BRC quality standard.
    • Individually shrink-wrapped

    Food Allergen, Safety Label, Removable Adhesive, 51 x 102 mm, 1 roll of 500

    These labels are used in food and catering industries to clearly indicate allergens, with extra space for additional information.