Paper Food Bag | For Food on the go



  • White & brown are available
  • Ideal for shop use and is food safe
  • Good value for a quality product
  • Is 100% recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable
  • Look for other products in the PH Baker Bag range
  • These extra-strong bags are manufactured in the UK.

Introducing our versatile Paper Food Bag For Food On The Go: The Practical Packaging Solution

Convenient and Functional Paper Food Bag for food on the go

Our Paper Food Bag for food on the go without handles, offers convenience and functionality for packaging various items. ASK OUR SALES TEAM ABOUT SMALL ORDER PRINT

Three Sizes to Cater to Your Needs

We offer our Paper Food Bag in three different sizes, ensuring the perfect fit for your specific requirements.

  1. Size: 180 + 85 x 260mm (Block Bottom Design): This size allows the bag to stand upright, providing stability and easy access.
  2. Size: 220 x 117 x 290mm (Block Bottom Design): With an incorporated Block Bottom, this size offers added support for your items.
  3. Size: 250 x 120 x 410mm (No Block Bottom): Despite not having a Block Bottom, this size can still stand freely when full.

Durable Craftsmanship

Crafted from durable 70gsm paper, our bags are designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use.

Manufactured in the UK to High-Quality Standards

Our Paper Food Bags for food on the go are proudly manufactured in the UK, adhering to stringent high-quality standards. They are a preferred choice among gift stores, retail shops, grocery stores, off-licenses, and the catering trade.

Environmentally Friendly Option

In addition to their strength and practicality, our Paper bags are an eco-friendly choice. They are 100% recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable, aligning with sustainability efforts.

Versatile Packaging for Various Needs

Whether you need reliable packaging for takeaways, gift items, groceries, or other retail products, our bags without handles offers a versatile solution. Trust in the quality, durability, and eco-friendly nature of these UK-manufactured bags to meet all your packaging needs.

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We also offer Block Bottom flour/dry food bags

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Brown, White


250 x 120 x 410mm, 180 x 85 x 260mm, 220 x 117 x 290mm