Paper Carrier Bags



  • Ideal for shop use and is food safe
  • Printed options available, 250 bags MOQ
  • Brown & White Paper (SOS Carrier Bags)
  • Good value for a quality product
  • Is 100% recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable
  • Look for other products in the PH Baker Bag range
  • 10 – 1000 Bags available for next-day delivery
  • Small – 180 + 90 x 200mm
  • Medium – 220 + 110 x 250mm
  • Large – 250 + 140 x 290mm


Versatile Design for All Your Packaging Needs

We design our top-quality Paper Carrier Bags to cater to all your packaging needs. Whether you’re in the food industry or retail sector, our bags are the perfect solution.

Printed options available

PH can now offer a printed option for these bags, MOQ only 250 bags of any size, please get in touch with our sales team for more information.

Crafted for Takeaways, Food Deliveries, and More:

SOS Flat Handle Bags Introducing our SOS Flat Handle bags, specifically crafted for takeaways, food deliveries, and various other purposes. These bags are designed to meet the unique requirements of the food industry.

Secure Delivery with Durable and Robust Materials:

Manufactured from durable and robust materials, our paper carrier bags ensure the secure delivery of your valuable goods. You can trust that your items will reach their destination intact and in excellent condition.

Comfortable Grip for Effortless Carrying:

Flat Handle Design Our paper carrier bags feature a flat handle design that guarantees a comfortable grip, making it easy for your customers to carry their purchases. Say goodbye to uncomfortable and flimsy handles.

Suitable for a Wide Range of Retail Products:

Not only are our paper carrier bags perfect for takeaways and food deliveries, but they are also suitable for a wide range of retail products. From clothing to gifts, these bags can handle it all.

Stand Tall and Strong:

The Added Feature of a Block-Bottom One of the standout features of our paper carrier bags is the block-bottom design. This added feature enables the bags to effortlessly free stand, providing convenience during packing and ensuring stability.

In addition to these features, we offer three different stock sizes for next-day delivery, available in Brown and White. The spacious interior of these paper carrier bags allows for convenient storage and easy access to your contents. Additionally, with their sleek and professional appearance, these bags exude sophistication, enhancing your brand’s image. Not only that, the neutral color and clean design provide an ideal canvas for showcasing your logo or incorporating custom labels to boost your business promotion.

Ideal for restaurants, cafés, or food delivery services, our bags are the go-to option for you. Their eco-friendly materials and convenient features align seamlessly with the growing demand for environmentally conscious packaging solutions. Don’t miss the opportunity to order now and provide your customers with a reliable and eco-friendly solution for their takeaways and more.


Additional information

Size Of Bag

180+90x220mm (Small), 220+110x250mm (Medium), 250+140x290mm (Large)

Quantity Available

1000 Brown Small, 500 Brown Small, 100 Brown Small, 50 Brown Small, 20 Brown Small, 10 Brown Small, 1000 Brown Medium, 500 Brown Medium, 100 Brown Medium, 50 Brown Medium, 20 Brown Medium, 10 Brown Medium, 1000 Brown Large, 500 Brown Large, 100 Brown Large, 50 Brown Large, 20 Brown Large, 10 Brown Large, 1000 White Small, 500 White Small, 250 White Small, 100 White Small, 50 White Small, 25 White Small, 10 White Small, 1000 White Medium, 500 White Medium, 100 White Medium, 50 White Medium, 20 White Medium, 10 White Medium, 1000 White Large, 500 White Large, 100 White Large, 50 White Large, 20 White Large, 10 White Large


Brown, White