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  • Recyclable & Compostable Prescription Counter Bags 
  • Block Bottom – Free Standing
  • Patient Warning on the gusset
  • NHS Pharmacy Logo
  • 2 Colours Blue and Green Print
  • 50gsm white paper


Prescription Bags: Tailored Design for Pharmacies and Healthcare Providers

Prescription Bags have been meticulously designed to meet the specific needs of pharmacies and healthcare providers. Their unique features ensure efficient and error-free medication handling.

Vibrant Blue and Green Prints: Enhancing Packaging Appeal

These bags are available in vibrant blue and green prints, adding a visually appealing touch to your packaging. The striking colors make your bags stand out, while also promoting recognition and trust among patients.

Clear Patient Warning Signs: Preventing Medication Errors

One of the standout features of our Prescription Bags is the clear patient warning signs on the gusset. These signs play a crucial role in preventing medication errors, ensuring easy identification and accurate dispensing.

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For a limited time, we are offering a fantastic deal. Purchase one box of the same size and get the second box at a 50% discount. Take advantage of this offer to stock up on essential bags for your pharmacy.

Flexibility and Convenience: 5 Stock Sizes and Free Next-Day Delivery

Pharmacies of all sizes can find the perfect fit for their requirements with our wide range of 5 stock sizes. We understand the importance of convenience, which is why we are pleased to offer free next-day delivery to ensure you receive your bags quickly and efficiently.

Building Patient Trust: Eye-Catching Prints and Clear Warnings

The blue and green prints not only enhance the overall packaging appeal but also contribute to building patient trust and recognition. Additionally, the clear patient warnings on the gusset ensure medications can be easily identified, eliminating any confusion.

Reliable and Professional: Crafted from Durable 50gsm White Paper

We prioritize reliability and professionalism by crafting our bags from durable 50gsm white paper. This ensures they can withstand the demands of pharmaceutical environments, guaranteeing the utmost quality and durability.

Customizable Packaging Solution: Ideal for Pharmacies and Healthcare Providers

Our Pharmacy Bags offer an ideal and customizable packaging solution for pharmacies and healthcare providers. Their versatile design allows you to tailor the packaging to your specific requirements, making them a perfect fit for your business.

Safety and Professionalism: Clear Warnings and Eye-Catching Prints

The combination of clear patient warnings on the gusset and the attractive blue and green print options adds an additional layer of safety and professionalism to your pharmacy operations. This ensures an exceptional level of service and care.

Request your FREE Samples of Pharmacy Bags Today!

If you’d like to experience the quality of our Prescription Bags firsthand, we invite you to request FREE samples from our dedicated sales team. Contact us today and discover why our bags are the perfect choice for your pharmacy.

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