Clear Bags |  Film front bags are a versatile packaging option that combines transparency with practicality. These bags, commonly used in food service, retail, and hospitality industries, showcase and protect items in an attractive manner.

With a clear film panel on the front, these bags allow customers to easily view the contents without opening the packaging. They are ideal for displaying products like baked goods, sandwiches, and confectionery, emphasizing visual appeal.

The clear film panel, made from durable materials like polypropylene or cellophane, maintains transparency and resists tearing or fogging. The rest of the bag consists of sturdy materials like paper or plastic, providing stability and support.

Available in various sizes and styles, film front bags cater to different products and customer preferences. Some bags feature resealable closures such as zip locks or adhesive strips, ensuring easy opening and closing, preserving freshness, and preventing spills or contamination.

In summary, these bags offer a practical and visually appealing packaging solution. They enhance product presentation, provide protection, and offer convenience to customers and businesses alike. Whether in food service or retail settings, these bags elevate the overall customer experience.

Film Front Bags

  • Film Front Bags

    • Ideal for shop use and is food safe
    • Film-fronted white bag
    • 3 Stock Sizes available
    • Good value for a quality product
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