Heat retaining bags are essential accessories for the food industry, ensuring the reliable transportation and delivery of hot meals. Whether you run a food delivery service, operate a restaurant with takeout options, or organize events requiring on-the-go food service, these bags are a must-have for maintaining the temperature and quality of your dishes.

Designed for heat retention, these bags feature insulated materials and thermal linings that effectively trap heat, keeping contents warm and appetizing during transit. Available in various sizes our bags accommodate different food quantities, ensuring meals arrive fresh and piping hot.

Constructed with sturdy materials like nylon, polyester, or heavy-duty fabrics, the bags resist moisture and provide durability. 

Heat retaining bags accommodate specialized items like pizzas, burgers, soups, or full-course meals. 

Customization options allow branding with logos, slogans, or contact information, promoting businesses while ensuring a professional presentation.

These are indispensable for the food industry, offering a reliable and convenient solution for transporting hot meals. By maintaining temperature and preserving food quality, these bags contribute to a positive dining experience and customer satisfaction. Whether for delivery or takeout.

Hot Food Bags

Keeps your food warm, and the grease in.

  • Foil Bags For Hot Food|Foil Burger Bags

    • White Foil Lined Paper bags for HOT FOOD
    • Chicken / Sandwiches
    • Fast Food / Takeaway
    • Heat Bags / Naan / Meat / Chicken / Kebabs
    • SIZE 7″ x 9 ” 12
    • Sample bag on request.

      Foil Bag, white bag foil lined

      Keep your food hot on the go!

  • Greaseproof Chip Bags

    • An ideal paper bag for food use
    • made from 38gm greaseproof
    • A good value high-quality product
    • 100% recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable
    • Packed in  50, 100, 1000, and 2000
    • Look for other products on our PH Products Shop range


  • Hot Food Bags

    • Ideal for shop use and is food safe
    • 40gsm Paper with 20gm PP lining
    • Good value for a quality product
    • Suitable for hot foods
    • Look for other products in the PH Bag range.
    • Small – 180+60x170mm / 5 – 1000 Bags
    • Large – 180+60x350mm / 5 – 500 Bags