Experience an Elevated Fast Food Adventure with Our Exceptional Packaging Selection! We’re passionate about delivering not just delectable fast food but also an unmatched dining experience. Our extensive range of fast food packaging, including food-to-go bags, greaseproof bags, foil bags, and chip bags, is meticulously designed to take your meal to the next level.

Our food-to-go bags are not just practical; they’re stylish and durable. You can trust these bags to securely hold your favorite fast food items, whether you’re on the go or taking a meal home. With spacious interiors, they accommodate your order effortlessly, keeping your food hot and ready for enjoyment.

No more greasy fingers and messy spills! Our greaseproof bags are thoughtfully engineered to maintain the integrity of your fast food. Ideal for burgers, sandwiches, and fried delights, these bags keep your hands clean while preserving the deliciousness of your meal.

When it comes to heat retention and insulation, our foil bags are second to none. They trap the heat, ensuring that your pizzas, wraps, and hot snacks arrive at your table as piping hot as they left the kitchen.

Make your fast food packaging a statement of your brand. We offer customizable options, allowing you to imprint your logo and unique design on your bags. It’s not just packaging; it’s a representation of your brand’s dedication to quality.

Elevate your fast food adventure with our premium packaging range. Place your order now and present your customers with hot, delicious meals in packaging that embodies your commitment to quality and service.

Hot Food Bags

Keeps your food warm, and the grease in.


  • Burger Bag | Printed Burger Bag

    • Printed Greaseproof Burger Bag / Wrap
    • Suitable for Hot Food
    • Good value for a quality product
    • Food Basket Liner
  • Burger Wraps

    • Quantities of 10 – 100 are PE LINED ( ex stock, limitied availabiltiy )
    • Good value for a quality product
    • Look for other products in the PH range.

    Burger Wraps, Different colours to identify different items inside.

    250mm x 320mm



  • Food Tray Liners | Gingham Sheets

    • Blue & Red Gingham Sheets
    • Greaseproof Tray liners
    • 3 Stock sizes
    • Small 160mm x 115mm
    • Medium 235mm x 161mm
    • Large 235mm x 323mm
    • Basic Glaze 40gsm
  • Greaseproof Paper Bags

    • Ideal for shop use and is food safe
    • Food grade approved
    • Made from 38gm white virgin Kraft for smoothness
    • Good value for a quality product
    • 100% recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable
    • Look for other products in our PH Products shop range.
  • Takeaway Paper Bags

    • White & brown are available
    • We can offer a printed option on the Small & Medium bags (MOQ 250 bags) Please ask our sales team
    • Ideal for shop use and is food safe
    • Good value for a quality product
    • Is 100% recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable
    • Look for other products in the PH Baker Bag range.

    These extra-strong bags are manufactured in the UK and are most commonly used in gift stores

    retail shops, grocery stores, off-licenses, and the catering trade.