Burger Wraps | Non PE Lined



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Burger Wraps, Different colours to identify different items inside.

250mm x 320mm



Burger Wraps: A Versatile Solution for Takeaways and Cafes

Burger Wraps: Perfect for Presentation and Convenience

In terms of serving burgers, Burger Wraps offer both convenience and an attractive presentation. Their unique design and functionality enhance the visual appeal of your food, while also providing a practical way to package and serve burgers, ensuring a mess-free dining experience.

Four Stock Colors Available: Red, Green, Blue & Yellow

You have the option to choose from a range of vibrant stock colors for your Burger Wraps. With four choices available – Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow – you can customize your packaging to match your brand or create an eye-catching presentation. Each color adds a touch of vibrancy and enhances the visual appeal of your burgers.

10 – 1000 Sheets per Pack: Bulk Quantity or Smaller Quantities Available

We offer Burger Wraps in packs containing 1000 sheets, providing ample supply for your needs. However, if you require smaller quantities, we also offer the flexibility to accommodate your specific requirements. Whether you run a large takeaway chain or a cozy cafe, we can meet your demand, no matter how big or small.

Ideal for Takeaways and Cafes: Versatile Usage

Burger Wraps serve as an ideal packaging option for takeaways and cafes. Moreover, when used as tray liners, they offer an additional layer of convenience and contribute to a hygienic dining environment. With their versatility, these wraps provide practicality and ease of use in various food service settings.

Order Your’s Today: Elevate Your Packaging and Sustainability Efforts

Don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your presentation and streamline your packaging process with our Burger Wraps. Choose from our range of stock colors, including the specialized Red wraps, to match your branding or create an eye-catching display. Whether you need bulk quantities or smaller packs, we are ready to fulfill your order and support your packaging needs. Place your order today and experience the convenience, versatility, and sustainability of our Burger Wraps.

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Additional information

Sheet Quantity

1000, 100, 50, 25, 10


Blue, Red, Yellow, Green