Paper Sacks | Heavy Duty



  • 100 Sacks per Pack
  • Brown Heavy Duty Kraft
  • For larger quantities, please get in touch

Introducing our Heavy Duty Brown Kraft Paper Sacks – Your Trusty Packaging Solution!

Are you in search of dependable, eco-friendly packaging that can handle the toughest jobs? Well, look no further! Our Heavy Duty Brown Kraft Paper Sacks are here to meet your packaging needs with strength, durability, and versatility.

Key Features:

1. Premium Quality: Crafted from high-grade brown kraft paper, our sacks are designed to endure the rigors of heavy-duty use. Consequently, you can rely on them to carry and protect your items, no matter how challenging the task. Moreover, their exceptional quality ensures long-lasting performance.

2. Range of Sizes: We understand that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we offer a selection of 7 stock sizes, ensuring that you can find the perfect sack for your specific requirements. Whether you’re storing, shipping, or packaging, we’ve got you covered. Furthermore, this diverse range of sizes caters to a broad spectrum of needs, making your choice even more convenient.

3. Sustainable Choice: Our paper sacks are made from renewable and biodegradable materials. Therefore, they’re an environmentally responsible choice. Not only do they protect your products, but they also safeguard the planet. Additionally, embracing this eco-friendly option aligns your packaging needs with sustainability goals.

4. Versatility: Available in 1 to 3-ply options, these sacks can adapt to various applications. From securing lightweight items with our 1-ply sacks to safeguarding heavy-duty cargo with our 3-ply option, you have the flexibility to choose. Plus, their adaptable design makes them suitable for an array of tasks.

5. Durability: The strength of our paper sacks is unmatched. Designed to withstand the weight, resist tears, and maintain their integrity even in challenging conditions, these sacks are the epitome of reliability. In addition, their robust construction ensures they stand up to even the most demanding requirements.

6. Customizable: Want to personalize your paper sacks with your branding or specific messages? This is an excellent way to enhance your product’s packaging and make a lasting impression on your customers. By customizing these sacks, you can uniquely brand your products, creating a memorable customer experience.


In need of industrial packaging? Or perhaps, you require them for agriculture, retail, food service, construction, and beyond? Our paper sacks are versatile and suited for a wide range of purposes. Whether your business falls within one of these sectors or another, our sacks have you covered.

So why wait? Order your paper sacks today and experience the ultimate packaging solution. Trust in the strength of brown kraft and the versatility of our 7 stock sizes to meet your needs. Make the sustainable choice for your packaging requirements, and never compromise on quality again!

Additional information

Size of Sack

10x4x18", 10x4x24", 13x4x25", 14x3x28", 13x8x33", 16x9x34", 18x4x34"

Ply Required

1 Ply, 2 Ply, 3 Ply