Why Food Labels Matter

1. Nutritional Information

  • Calories, fat, carbs, protein, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Helps manage diet and dietary restrictions.

2. Ingredient List

  • Lists all components.
  • Vital for allergies and dietary preferences.

3. Portion Control

  • Shows serving size.
  • Aids in weight management.

4. Comparative Shopping

  • Facilitates product comparison.
  • Encourages healthier choices.

5. Health Awareness

  • % Daily Values (DV) for nutrients.
  • Assess dietary fit and nutrient intake.

6. Allergen Awareness

  • Identifies potential allergens.
  • Crucial for allergy sufferers.

7. Food Safety

  • Storage, expiry, and handling info.
  • Reduces foodborne illness risk.

8. Transparency

  • Builds trust with accurate info.
  • Fosters industry accountability.

9. Dietary Choices

  • Suits various diets (vegan, kosher, etc.).
  • Easy identification of compatible products.

10. Government Regulations – Ensures standards and accuracy. – Prevents misleading claims.

In conclusion, food labels are a crucial tool that empowers consumers to make informed and healthy food choices. They promote transparency, support dietary needs, and contribute to overall public health by helping people make choices aligned with their nutritional goals and dietary requirements.

Use By labels, Food Safety Green label with black text, 38mm


  • Use By Food Labels / Food Safety Labels


    Product Features

    • Use By Label
    • Food safety & Hygiene Label
    • Manufactured under the BRC/IOP quality standard
    • Rolls of 500 Labels
    • Individually shrink-wrapped
    • Colour coded
    • Use by, Food Rotation Label, Removable Adhesive, 38mm Dia, 1 roll of 500
    • This is one roll of 500 Use By labels.
    • For use in food catering.