Discover our premium flour bags designed to elevate your baking experience. Our high-quality and durable bags ensure freshness and convenient storage for all your baking needs.

From all-purpose flour to specialty blends, our carefully crafted bags keep your ingredients protected and easily accessible. Shop now for reliable, stylish, and functional bags that make baking a breeze!”

Our bags can also be used for oats, sugar, pasta, and all types of grain.

Available in 4 stock sizes, from 500g to 3kg in white and brown, all

bespoke sizes available on request.  We offer a printing service for all our bags, get in touch with our sales team with your requirements.

Flour bags, block bottom in 4 stock sizes, in both white and brown

  • Flour Bag | Brown Block Bottom Paper Bag


    Brown Block Bottom paper bags, sizes are:

    • WE CAN OFFER SMALL QUANTITIES ON 500gm – 3KG PRINTED BAGS ( Starting at 250 bags ) Speak with our sales team today
    • 500gm (76 x 235 x 50mm)
    • 1kg (95 x 265 x 65mm)
    • 1.5kg (114 x 315 x 76mm)
    • 3kg (151 x 380 x 99mm) Smaller quantities are 404 in height
    • Made in the UK under the BRC/IOP quality standard
    • Ideal for dry foods ( flour, sugar, takeaway foods, oats, pasta, and much more
    • Printed and bespoke options are available, just get in touch.


  • White Block Bottom Bag

    • 500gm (76 x 234 x 50mm) 94923
    • 1kg (95 x 265 x 65mm) 90734
    • 1.5kg (114 x 315 x 76mm) 94813
    • 3kg ( 151 x 380 x 99mm) 71906 
    • Made in the UK under the BRC/IOP quality standard
    • Quality product
    • Ideal for dry foods (Flour, sugar, grains, oats, and much more )
    • Printing service available, please get in touch with us for further details
    • White Kraft paper manufactured to a very high standard. Please check your bulk density before purchasing.