Block Bottom Bags: Your Ultimate Packaging Solution

In the world of packaging, Block Bottom Bags shine as both versatile and reliable. They elevate your packaging and offer numerous benefits, making them a top choice across industries.

Their unique block-shaped base allows them to stand upright independently, ensuring secure and protected storage and transport of your products.

These bags excel at accommodating your goods. Their wide, open design offers ample space, ideal for a wide range of products, from coffee and snacks to pet food and bakery items. This enhances your packaging process efficiency.

Beyond their functionality, Block Bottom Bags present your products professionally and attractively. Their sleek appearance and smooth surface provide an excellent canvas for branding, ensuring your products catch consumers’ eyes.

The Bags are incredibly versatile and customizable. Choose from various materials, sizes, and finishes to align perfectly with your brand and product requirements. They’re also eco-friendly, with many options in recyclable and biodegradable materials, reflecting your commitment to sustainability.

Flour bags, block bottom in 4 stock sizes, in both white and brown
  • Flour Bag | Brown Block Bottom Paper Bag


    Brown Block Bottom paper bags, sizes are:

    • WE CAN OFFER SMALL QUANTITIES ON 500gm – 3KG PRINTED BAGS ( Starting at 250 bags ) Speak with our sales team today
    • 500gm (76 x 235 x 50mm)
    • 1kg (95 x 265 x 65mm)
    • 1.5kg (114 x 315 x 76mm)
    • 3kg (151 x 380 x 99mm) Smaller quantities are 404 in height
    • Made in the UK under the BRC/IOP quality standard
    • Ideal for dry foods ( flour, sugar, takeaway foods, oats, pasta, and much more
    • Printed and bespoke options are available, just get in touch.