Discover our premium selection of bags for flour, designed to meet all your packaging needs. 

These high-quality bags are crafted from durable materials

ensuring the freshness and integrity of your product.

Available in various sizes and styles, White and Brown in stock.

Perfect for storing and transporting flour in bakeries, kitchens, and food production facilities.

With their sturdy construction and secure closures,

They provide reliable protection against moisture, pests, and contaminants.

Whether you’re a professional baker or a home cook, bags are an essential tool for keeping your ingredients fresh and your recipes delicious.

Shop now and experience the convenience and quality of our flour bags.

Bags for flour, white & brown in stock all block bottom

  • Flour Bag | Brown Block Bottom Paper Bag


    Brown Block Bottom paper bags, sizes are:

    • WE CAN OFFER SMALL QUANTITIES ON 500gm – 3KG PRINTED BAGS ( Starting at 250 bags ) Speak with our sales team today
    • 500gm (76 x 235 x 50mm)
    • 1kg (95 x 265 x 65mm)
    • 1.5kg (114 x 315 x 76mm)
    • 3kg (151 x 380 x 99mm) Smaller quantities are 404 in height
    • Made in the UK under the BRC/IOP quality standard
    • Ideal for dry foods ( flour, sugar, takeaway foods, oats, pasta, and much more
    • Printed and bespoke options are available, just get in touch.