Greaseproof Wraps


  • Printed Greaseproof Hot & Cold Food  Wrap
  • Colour : Cream / Silk Finish 55gm/7 HDP 
  • 620mm x 420mm
  • 1000 Sheets per pack
  • Ideal for Burchers 
  • Food Basket Liner
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Greaseproof Wraps: Cream with a Silk Finish for Versatile Usage

Superior Quality and Appealing Design: Greaseproof Wraps Printed Cream with a Silk Finish

Our greaseproof wraps are specially designed to offer both functionality and aesthetics. Printed in an elegant cream color with a luxurious silk finish, these wraps provide a superior-quality packaging solution for various purposes.

Ideal for Butchers and Food Wrapping: Versatility for Hot & Cold Foods

These greaseproof wraps are perfectly suited for butchers and other food-related businesses. With their grease-resistant properties, they effectively prevent oil and moisture from seeping through, ensuring that your wrapped items remain fresh and presentable. Whether it’s wrapping hot or cold foods, these versatile wraps offer reliable performance.

Perfect for Cheese: Preserving Freshness and Flavor

When it comes to cheese, our greaseproof wraps excel in preserving its freshness and flavor. The grease-resistant barrier provides an optimal environment, keeping the cheese in its best condition. Moreover, the cream color with a silk finish adds a touch of elegance to the presentation, enhancing the overall appeal.

Quality Construction and Ideal Dimensions: 55gsm Paper (620 x 420mm)

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our greaseproof wraps boast a durable and high-quality construction. The 55gsm paper ensures strength and resilience, allowing for easy handling and wrapping. With dimensions of 620 x 420mm, these wraps offer ample coverage and versatility for various food items.

Transitioning to Greener Options: Consider Eco-Friendly Alternatives

While our current wraps provide exceptional functionality, it’s important to consider more eco-friendly alternatives. As the market evolves, we are actively exploring greener options, such as biodegradable or compostable materials, to minimize environmental impact. Stay tuned for updates on our sustainable packaging solutions.

Order Your Greaseproof Wraps Today: Elevate Packaging Performance

Don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your packaging performance with our greaseproof wraps. The cream color with a silk finish adds a touch of sophistication, while the grease-resistant properties ensure freshness and convenience.

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