Cleaning Wipes | Versawipes



  • Versawipes contain a solution of 70% Isoproyl Alcohol BP (propan-2-ol) in demineralised water.
  • The wipes are low lint with a high wet strength
  • Effectively cleans a broader range of printer areas compared to traditional cleaning leaders or IPA pens.

Cleaning Wipes | Versawipes

Maximize Printhead Longevity

Ensure your printer’s longevity and reduce costly downtime with our versatile cleaning wipes.

Gentle Care for Critical Components

The printhead is a critical and delicate component, often causing print quality issues when not properly cared for. Similar to the brakes on a car, it’s a consumable that requires correct installation and ongoing maintenance for optimal performance.

Combat Residue Buildup

Protect against problems caused by label dust, adhesive, and atmospheric dirt. Regular cleaning of the printhead is recommended by printer manufacturers to prevent residue buildup. Failure to do so can lead to baked-on deposits, compromising heat transfer and causing the heater elements to overheat and fail over time.

Versatile Cleaning Solutions | Thermal Print Head Cleaning Wipes

Our cleaning wipes are available in individual sachets (50 per box) or tubs (100 wipes each), these offer a comprehensive solution to keep your thermal printheads in top condition.

Convenient and Efficient

Unlike alternative printhead cleaners such as ribbon attachments and pens, Versawipes provide a single versatile product for the complete job. Easily choose between individual sachets for convenience or tubs for larger cleaning needs.

Maintain a Healthy Working Environment

Not only do Versawipes ensure the cleanliness of the printhead, but they also keep all parts of the printer and surrounding print area clean and healthy.

Choose the cleaning solution that suits your needs—individual sachets or tubs—and keep your thermal printheads in first-class condition.

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Box of Sachets | Tub of Wipes

1 Box (50 Wipes), 1 Tub (100 Wipes)